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Thermostat for Oven NEFF C18FT56N0B

This excerpt from the user's manual can explain the problem of your thermostat.

"... Cooking level setting 1, 2 3, 4 5 6, 7, 8, 9 Operating time limit in hours 6 5 4 1.5 The cooking surface is equipped with an induction hob. An induction coil beneath the glass ceramic cooking surface generates an alternating electromagnetic field that penetrates the glass ceramic and induces the heat generating current in the bottom of the pan. In an induction cooking zone, heat is no longer transferred from a heating element via the cooking vessel to the food to be cooked, but the required heat is generated directly in the cooking vessel by means of an induction flux. Activate the auto boost function, then use the minus button to select a lower cooking level from 1 to 8. A and the selected cooking level flashes alternately After a certain time (see table), the cooking process continues with the cooking level Using the Select / Plus button, you can increase the advanced cooking level By pressing the Minus button, you can deactivate the automatic preheating function If, after activating the automatic preheating function, you are at level 9 and do not select a lower cooking level, Sec. Automatic switch-off and maintaining level 9 9 Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning and maintenance D Dirt and heavy soiling It is best to remove the lick (limescale, pearlescent stains) when the cooking surface is still warm...."

Oven compatible

NEFF B44M62N3FR, B44M62N5FR, B44M62N0FR, NEFF B44M42N5, NEFF B87CS34N0, NEFF C47C62N3, , NEFF B45C42N3, NEFF B45CS24N0, NEFF B27CR22N0, NEFF C18FT56N0B, C18FT56N0B

Manufacturer's Thermostat for Oven NEFF C18FT56N0B

Thermostat Oven NEFF C18FT56N0B - Manufacturer's part

Manufacturer's part price is £34.94 Discount for bulk (starting at 10 units), £33.78 per unit

This manufacturer part is recomended by NEFF, which gives it a 10/10 rating.

This spare part is recommended for your NEFF C18FT56N0B oven .

All spare parts are new and come with two years warranty

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Thermostat compatible for Oven NEFF C18FT56N0B

Thermostat Oven NEFF C18FT56N0B - compatile part

Compatible part price is £27.34 Discount for bulk (starting at 10 units), £26.44 per unit

This part is compatible with your NEFF. The manufacturer offers a part with a good value for money with a 7/10 rating.

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