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The oven or gas stove no longer heats up, does not heat properly or does not start, the problem may not be insurmountable. Who buys a new oven, stove or gas cooker when the light bulb no longer works? To get light, it is easy to find a new light bulb and to change that appliance part.

The fault can be used to identify the spare part of the oven or cooker to be replaced:

  • theoven no longer heats, it is often a resistor, the bottom resistor (bottom), the top resistor (top), the grill or the circular resistor. But it is also necessary to check if the thermostat that controls the temperature is not out of order;
  • the oven breaks down, a resistor may be out of order, but it could also be the electronic board;
  • theoven doesn't turn on, by turning the knob, nothing happens, the problem may be in the door safety or the electrical cord;
  • theoven smokes
  • , if it is not the grease on the racks or the drip pan, then the motor or the fan may be showing signs of weakness.

Oven or stove repairs are easy. It's neither dangerous nor complicated and for a small price, it's easy to extend its life by a few years.

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