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Manufacturer's Knob for microwave oven BEKO MGF20210X

This excerpt from the user's manual can explain the problem of your switch.

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Microwave oven compatible

BEKO MGF20210XSOLOMW, MGF20210XSOLO970, MGF20210XSOLO9775, MGF20210XSOLO97150, MGF20210XSOLO97225, MGF20210XSOLO97300, MGF20210XEU, MGF20210X450, MGF20210X4555, MGF20210X45110, MGF20210X45165, MGF20210X45220, MGF20210X, MGF202160, MGF2021640, MGF2021680, MGF20216120, MGF20216160

Manufacturer's Knob for microwave oven BEKO MGF20210X

Knob microwave oven BEKO MGF20210X - Manufacturer's part

Manufacturer's part price is £11.26 Discount for bulk (starting at 10 units), £10.89 per unit

This manufacturer part is recomended by BEKO, which gives it a 10/10 rating.

This spare part is recommended for your BEKO MGF20210X microwave oven .

All spare parts are new and come with a 1 year warranty

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