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If the tray doesn't turn or the microwave doesn't heat up, it may not be the fatal breakdown that will bring it to the dump. Who buys a new microwave oven when the light bulb goes out? To have light in the appliance, it is easy to find a new light bulb and change this appliance spare part.

Microwave failure allows the identification of the microwave spare part to be replaced :

  • thecamera does not turn anymore, the belt may be broken, unless the drive on its axis is worn or the motor may be defective ;
  • themicrowave no longer heats up, the magnetron or the transformer may have failed;
  • the microwave nolonger closes, it's the hook, the door lock or the switch;
  • themicrowave oven
  • trips, often the fault is the noise filter.

In the vast majority of cases, the replacement of a microwave spare part takes no more than 5 minutes and costs only a few dozen euros.

60 euros   

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