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Manufacturer's Condenser for fridge WHIRLPOOL ART481A+

How can you do without your WHIRLPOOL ART481A+ fridge? Eating out or having it delivered at every meal? When an WHIRLPOOL fridge is no longer cold, fills up with frost or even ice, or no longer closes, all that's left to do is empty (and sometimes even throw away) all the food in it. Well maybe not! Wait a little while before getting rid of your food, and take a look at our troubleshooting guides. Our condensers can be delivered to you in less than two days for less than 52.98. By repairing your WHIRLPOOL ART481A+ fridge yourself, you'll save so much money that you'll finally be able to go out for dinner.

Fridge compatible

WHIRLPOOL ART4813LH, ART481300, ART4813040, ART4813080, ART48130120, ART48130160, ART481R, ART48120, ART481235, ART481270, ART4812105, ART4812140, ART481A+, ART48100, ART481035, ART481070, ART4810105, ART4810140

Manufacturer's Condenser for fridge WHIRLPOOL ART481A+

Condenser fridge WHIRLPOOL ART481A+ - Manufacturer's part

Manufacturer's part price is £52.98 Discount for bulk (starting at 10 units), £51.23 per unit

The original value for your WHIRLPOOL ART481A+ fridge is £549

This manufacturer part is recomended by WHIRLPOOL, which gives it a 10/10 rating.

This spare part is recommended for your WHIRLPOOL ART481A+ fridge .

All spare parts are new and come with a 1 year warranty

 20 %
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  •  ££6.07 delivery 

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