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A freezer that is no longer cold enough or, on the contrary, is too cold, the handle is broken or the alarm rings are not necessarily a sign of disaster. Who buys a new freezer when there is frost on the walls? To avoid ice formation, it is easy to find a door seal and change the appliance spare part.

The cause of the failure may simply be a spare part in the freezer that is easy to replace :

  • When the freezer does not produce enough cold or, on the contrary, produces too much cold, the failure may come from the thermostat or the temperature sensor that manages the temperature inside the freezer or from the compressor or the condenser that produces the cold;
  • the freezer makes noise: this is usually a problem with the compressor;
  • the freezeralarm sounds
  • : there's a temperature problem;

In the vast majority of cases, the replacement of a freezer spare part takes no more than 15 minutes and costs only a few dozen euros.

60 euros   

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