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Thermostat for dishwasher FAURE FDF515

This excerpt from the user's manual can explain the problem of your thermostat.

"... XXX is a registered trademark of XXX USA (Subject to technical changes) WH / I / K / D 5019 396 91110 Use of the device Further information can be found in the individual chapters of the operating instructions.ADP 5553 Quick Start Guide D Program flow Program selector Network On / Off Prewash Prewash Drying Drying Exit Additional functions Start button The LED lights up during operation, flashes in the event of a fault, goes out at the end of the program. Program overview Programs Loading Recommendation Cleaner 2) A XXXX Consumption values 3) Liters 5.0 13.0 16.0 17.0 kWh 0.02 0.70 1.05 1.65 1.90 minutes 10 30 120 90 125 B XXX Pre-rinse Express Normal 1) Normal Intensive 1) 2) Cold dishes to be rinsed later. DE 17 DE Program overview Program overview tasü hm cP m irb rr g oe In this overview, the max. number of additional dryings all types of dishes cold rinse, intermediate cleaning ù / ø prewash none 18 additional functions DE Program selection You can choose a suitable program depending on the type of dishes and the type of dirt. Ease of use Additional functions * depending on the model Adjustable using the additional buttons H) and the factory number (FD) on the type plate 1b on the appliance door...."

Dishwasher compatible

FAURE FDF515, FDF500, FDF5025, FDF5050, FDF5075, FDF50100

Manufacturer's Thermostat for dishwasher FAURE FDF515

Thermostat dishwasher FAURE FDF515 - Manufacturer's part

Manufacturer's part price is £14.78 Discount for bulk (starting at 10 units), £14.30 per unit

This manufacturer part is recomended by FAURE, which gives it a 10/10 rating.

This spare part is recommended for your FAURE FDF515 dish washer .

All spare parts are new and come with a 1 year warranty

 20 %
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Thermostat compatible for dishwasher FAURE FDF515

Thermostat dishwasher FAURE FDF515 - compatile part

Compatible part price is £7.60 Discount for bulk (starting at 10 units), £7.35 per unit

This part is compatible with your FAURE. The manufacturer offers a part with a good value for money with a 7/10 rating.

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