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Drain pump for dishwasher FAURE FDF 3020

This excerpt from the user's manual can explain the problem of your drain pump.

"... Program sequence 2) AUTO 65 C prewash clean intermediate rinse dry rinse AUTO BIO 50 C 1) INTENSIVE 70 C prewash clean 2x intermediate rinse dry rinse NORMAL 65 C prewash clean intermediate rinse dry rinse clean rinse dry rinse Consumption values 1.15 - 1.45 kWh 11.5 - 19 litres 95 - 115 min 1.1 - 1.35 kWh 11.5 - 19 litres 105 - 115 min 1.6 - 1.8 kWh 17 - 19 litres 89 - 99 min 1.05 - 1.25 kWh 13-15 litres In the ORGANIC programmes, the water is heated for a short time to 50 C so that the active oxygen can function. 26 Instructions for use Type of additional dishes Type of contamination Large dishes and pans with temperature-sensitive dishes lightly contaminated All types of dishes used contained dishes collected in the machine and washed later particularly suitable with compact detergents Suitable program: Position the water inlet hose so that it is never higher than the lower edge of the safety valve. The environment The symbol on the product or on the packaging indicates that this product must not be treated as household waste, but must be delivered to a collection point where electrical and electronic equipment is recycled.Instructions for use Safety instructions Intended use General safety Child safety Installation Product description Control panel Setting Acoustic alarms First use Softener setting Manual setting Electronic setting Use of salt in the dishwasher Setting the rinse agent dosage Daily use Disposal of the dishwasherDishes FAURE FDF 3020 or each drain pump The lower cutlery basket The cutlery basket Adjustment of the height of the upper basket Use of detergents Distribution of detergents Use of combined detergent tablets Washing programmes 31 31 31 31 32 33 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 Selecting and starting a washing programme Cleaning and cleaning Cleaning filters Cleaning the spray arms Cleaning the outside Cleaning the inside of the machine 46 46 47 47 48 48 If the washing machineDishes not used for a long period of time 48 frost precautions 49 49 Technical data 51 Instructions for test institutes Installation instructions Assembly Fixing to adjacent kitchen furniture Installation at water level Water connections Water supply hose with safety valve Drain hose connection Connection to the supply Environmental protection 51 54 54 54 54 55 57 57 To ensure your safety and correct use, It is important that you read this manual carefully, including the tips and warnings, before installing and using the FAURE FDF 3020 dishwasher or each drain pump...."

Dishwasher compatible

FAURE FDF3020, FDF3070, FDF30730, FDF30760, FDF30790, FDF307120, FDF 3020, FDF 3030, FDF 30335, FDF 30370, FDF 303105, FDF 303140

Manufacturer's Drain pump for dishwasher FAURE FDF 3020

Drain pump dishwasher FAURE FDF 3020 - Manufacturer's part

Manufacturer's part price is £22.35 Discount for bulk (starting at 10 units), £21.61 per unit

This manufacturer part is recomended by FAURE, which gives it a 10/10 rating.

This spare part is recommended for your FAURE FDF 3020 dish washer .

All spare parts are new and come with a 1 year warranty

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Drain pump compatible for dishwasher FAURE FDF 3020

Drain pump dishwasher FAURE FDF 3020 - compatile part

Compatible part price is £6.64 Discount for bulk (starting at 10 units), £6.42 per unit

This part is compatible with your FAURE. The manufacturer offers a part with a good value for money with a 7/10 rating.

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