Bread maker spare parts

The resistance of a bread maker is easily replaced, as is the belt or the paddle blender. Who buys a new bread maker when the bowl is scratched? To prevent the bread from sticking, it is easy to change an appliance part such as a bowl.

There is a solution for every problem, just find the spare part of the breadmaker that is broken:

  • the breadmaker doesn't heat anymore, you have to change its resistance;
  • the blade doesn't rotate anymore, you have to check that the axis of the breadmaker is not blocked or broken, unless it's the motor or the belt;
  • the display console is off, either the electronic board or the switch is not working;
  • the mixing paddle is lost, it can be replaced very easily.

Replacing a spare part on a bread maker will only take a few moments, while throwing away an appliance and replacing it with a new one will cost much more.

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